About dylanrholloway – the blog

What is this blog and why should I read it?

This blog is a documentation of my journey, experiences and learnings in cybersecurity. You should read it if you are looking for a new perspective on cybersecurity, the industry and technology.

What is this blog not?

This blog is not:

  • A news blog. Brian Krebs, Daniel Meisler and even the Twitter Security News Bot have this covered;
  • A research blog. I do not work on the cutting edge of cybersecurity research. I don’t even work on the blunt edge of cybersecurity research. There will be no groundbreaking new industry or technology announcements here; or
  • A resume/CV (though it sort of is). This blog is about more than just my career as a cybersecurity professional.

Why am I writing this blog?

I am writing this blog to:

  1. Engage in the cybersecurity industry, be part of the conversation and meet new people;
  2. Give back to the community by documenting my career, journey and experiences with the hope that others may benefit from them;
  3. Get in the habit of and practice good writeups as I work towards my OSCP certification.

Where can I get more?