Hack The Box: Grandpa write-up

Grandpa is an easy Windows OS box from HackTheBox. Hacking it required exploiting Microsoft IIS and Windows kernel vulnerabilities.


The first step was running an nmap scan.

Figure 1 – nmap output

The scan showed only port 80 was open. I initially tried exploiting the COPY header because of my experience with Granny, but this turned out to be a rabbit hole. I then looked at Searchsploit for any IIS 6.0 exploits whilst filtering out any exploits requiring Metasploit or resulting in Denial of Service.

Figure 2 – searchsploit results


The first two results were ignored as I did not need internal network names or have an FTP server. The third result looked promising, however I could not make the provided exploit work. By Googling the CVE number of the exploit I found another script exploit that worked, available here: https://github.com/g0rx/iis6-exploit-2017-CVE-2017-7269. The script required no modification and was easy to use with a simple netcat listener.

Figure 3 – Running exploit
Figure 4 – Receiving foothold

Privilege escalation

Once I had a foothold I ran the systeminfo command to start preparing to use windows-exploit-suggester.

Figure 4 – Grandpa systeminfo

However, once I saw that the box was running Windows 2003 Service Pack 2 I decided to try the same exploit I used to break into Granny. This is the Churrasco exploit, available here: https://github.com/Re4son/Churrasco. To do this I would need to transfer churrasco.exe and Netcat across to Grandpa, which I did by spawning an SMB server and using the copy command. I could then use Churrasco to run Netcat and spawn a privileged shell back to my machine.

Figure 5 – python SMB server
Figure 6 – copying files to Grandpa and running exploit
Figure 7 – Receiving privileged shell

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