Proving Grounds: Algernon write-up

Algernon is an easy box from Proving Grounds that requires only a one step exploit to root with a pre-compiled script.


An nmap scan reveals 7 ports open.

nmap output

Port 9998

Browsing to port 9998 in a browser reveals a landing page with a login form for a system called “SmarterMail”.

SmarterMail on 9998

A quick Searchsploit search presents a script for remote code execution –

searchsploit results


Opening shows we need to change the attack targets in the script to our victim machine. I use port 21 for my reverse shell as the nmap output suggests it is less likely to be blocked by firewalls.

Configuring 49216

After that it’s just a matter of setting up a listener with netcat on port 21 and running the script with python3.

Executing 49216 with python3
Receiving reverse shell with netcat on port 21


It probably doesn’t get much easier than Algernon. There are a couple of other rabbit holes that may take time to explore and discard, but once you find the way in obtaining root is very simple.

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