Proving Grounds: Twiggy write-up

Twiggy was another easy box from Proving Grounds. If you've read the write-up on Bratarina then Twiggy follows a very similar methodology; by which I mean it's one step to root by executing a pre-compiled exploit on an unusual port. Enumeration As always we start with AutoRecon and check out the nmap. _quick_nmap Looks like … Continue reading Proving Grounds: Twiggy write-up

Proving Grounds: Bratarina write-up

Bratarina Bratarina from Offensive Security's Proving Grounds is a very easy box to hack as there is no privilege escalation and root access is obtained with just one command using a premade exploit. The hardest part is finding the correct exploit as there are a few rabbit holes to avoid. Enumeration The first step always … Continue reading Proving Grounds: Bratarina write-up