Proving Grounds: Wombo write-up

Wombo is an easy Linux box from Proving Grounds that requires exploitation of a Redis RCE vulnerability. There is no privilege escalation required as root is obtained in the foothold step.


Nmap shows 6 open ports.

nmap using AutoRecon

Port 6379

Nmap tells us that port 6379 is running Redis 5.0.9. A quick Google search for “redis 5 rce python” gives us a promising result.

Google results for Redis 5 exploit
Ridter redis-rce

This GitHub repo promises remote code execution on any system running Redis 4 or 5, so I clone the repo to my machine and explore the script. usage


I try to run the script following the usage instructions, but I am short one piece. I still need a redis module to run before I can execute the exploit.

Error message from

Going back to Google provides another GitHub repo with a module for remote code execution.

Google results for Redis modules
n0b0dyCN RedisModules-ExecuteCommand

Again, I clone this repo to my machine, run the “make” command and create the module.

Making RedisModules
Successful creation of

Now that I have a module I can attempt to execute the script again.

Successful interactive shell

The script appears to work, and offers me a choice of interactive or reverse shell. I choose the interactive shell and appear to have a reverse shell, but it’s not very clean. Therefore I open a listener on port 8080 and run the script again, this time using the reverse shell option.

Successful reverse shell
Root flag

This time I get a much cleaner shell as root, and I can grab the root flag.


Wombo was an easy box from Proving Grounds. It requires just one step to root, however there are few parts that go into successfully exploiting that one step. This box is a great opportunity to practice researching and refining exploits to meet your use case.

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